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Plan4Health Columbus, Indiana

Columbus, IN
Targeted location(s): Columbus

The City of Columbus (Indiana) is building upon existing health efforts and partnerships. The coalition work is lead by Healthy Communities and the City of Columbus-Bartholomew County Planning Department. The initiative has focused on increasing daily physical activity by bridging the gap between policy adoption and implementation as it relates to the built environment. The built environment includes all of the physical community where we live and work (e.g., homes, buildings, streets, open spaces, and infrastructure). The built environment has a direct influence on a person’s level of physical activity. The goal of the coalition has been to improve pedestrian access across the community by focusing on three distinct strategies.

  • Analyze and design bicycle and pedestrian crossing treatments at three key intersections along a specified segment of the Columbus People Trail System that connect people to important area parks.
  • Develop a case study for the design of bicycle and pedestrian crossing treatments at state highway intersections.
  • Launch a broad public awareness campaign that will highlight the importance of designing and building the community in a way that promotes physical activity as part of a daily routine. This strategy will include a website, public presentations, a photo vision project, and physical activity infographics, among other strategies.


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